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Library Rules

Library Policies

  1. Students can check out 2 books at a time, and a maximum of 21 days. Students can renew after 21 days, but MUST bring in book to renew.
  2. Students who have overdue books (over 21 days) cannot check out new books until the overdue books are returned.
  3. Lost or damaged books must be reported and billed at the end of the year.
  4. All books leaving the library must be checked out.

3 Personal Standards in the Library

Make Good Decisions Show Respect Solve Problems
Stay on task

Work quietly.

Use whisper voices.

Be Honest

Be an Ally

Look for books appropriate

for class

Treat books carefully


Use Problem Solving Steps

to solve problems

Use rulers to mark where you

found the book and put the

book back in its place

Keep food and drink out of the


Help your neighbor

Use a respectful tone of voice

to solve problems

Wait in line to check in and

check out books

Clean up your area when

you are done



If you need help, ask an adult